London Focusing Circle

The aim of the Circle is to support a community of focusers in and around London, helping them to link up and practice Focusing together. It's a good way to find a Focusing partner, and also to start groups.

Once described by a member as 'a Rolls Royce service for focusers', the Circle provides a directory of current members, and a bulletin listing groups and events, at least once a year. These are sent out by email in the form of PDF files.

Membership is open to anyone who has completed at least an introductory workshop or course in Focusing and listening with myself or with another recognised teacher. You don't need to live in London as there is an 'in the sticks' section for focusers within striking distance of London, and a while back I had to add a 'way out in the sticks' section for Londoners who have decamped a very long way out of town.

In January 2024, I handed the running of the Circle over to Suzi Mackenzie as I prepare to move away from London myself. Please email her if you would like to join the Circle: