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Focusing Skills Workshops

This series of weekends builds on the introductory workshop and goes in depth into Focusing and the role of the listener, covering both practice and theory. Each workshop introduces you to new skills and further ways to benefit from Focusing.

You can print off a PDF flyer with details of the 2020 series.

Workshop 2 ~ The Art of Listening

We explore the role of the listener in greater depth, as well as adding to your Focusing skills.

  • focusing on finding a clear inner space
  • Focusing steps 2: staying with the felt sense in the body
  • listening 2: reflecting the focuser's felt sense
  • the principles of empathic listening
  • understanding empathy: the felt sense of self and other
  • Focusing partnerships

Workshop 3 ~ Experiencing & The Body

In this workshop, we gently introduce guiding (offering suggestions) to the role of the listener, as well as continue to develop both Focusing and listening skills.

  • focusing on a topic you want to explore
  • Focusing steps 3: exploring something in greater depth
  • listening 3: reflecting the focuser's process (as well as the content)
  • the principles of non-directive guiding
  • guiding 1: supporting the focuser in staying with the felt sense
  • understanding 'felt experiencing' & the 'body' as sensed from within

Workshop 4 ~ Criticism & Creativity

Now we deal comprehensively with the 'inner critic' that can make a mess of both Focusing and listening - as well as much else in life! This is balanced with a look at the creative nature of the focusing-listening exchange.

  • the 'inner critic' & strategies for dealing with it
  • focusing on the inner critic & other 'parts' (aspects of our inner selves)
  • listening 4: reflecting the focuser's inner 'parts' & felt 'places'
  • guiding 2: supporting the focuser in exploring more deeply
  • being creative with Focusing, listening & guiding
  • understanding 'creative flow'

Workshop 5 ~ Intuition & The Implicit

In the last weekend in the series, we consider the intuitive aspect of the felt sense, Gendlin's 'philosophy of the implicit', and the relationship of Focusing with meditation and spirituality.

  • Focusing & meditation
  • listening 5: reflecting what may be implicit in the focuser's experiencing
  • guiding 3: helping the focuser find a clear inner space, & dealing with things that feel 'stuck'
  • being intuitive with Focusing, listening & guiding
  • understanding the implicit aspect of experiencing


These workshops are best taken together and in sequence, though a little flexibility may be possible if needed. On completing all five weekends, you receive the BFA (British Focusing Association) Focusing Skills certificate, which enables you to go on to train as a Focusing Practitioner and later as a Focusing Teacher if you wish.

Dates, cost and booking details are on the Workshops page.

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