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One To One Sessions

Coronavirus news: from July 6th I am giving people the option of meeting online or coming in person again, under safe conditions, if they wish

Focusing-oriented counselling & therapy

A Focusing-oriented approach involves sensing how personal situations are felt in the body, as well as what we think about them. I have worked as a counsellor and therapist for over 25 years in a number of contexts, and see individuals and couples on a short or long term basis. My original training was in psychosynthesis, I am UKCP registered and have an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy.

If you are not sure what would suit you best, you are welcome to come for an initial consultation to discuss things. I am 5 minutes walk from Clapham South tube station, and see people on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. To find out more, including my current availability and fees, please email or phone me.

Focusing-oriented supervision

I offer both individual and group supervision for counsellors and therapists. This is an excellent way to learn how to integrate Focusing into your work. My approach is influenced by what I have learnt from the neuroscience of mind and body.

Individual Focusing sessions

As well as teaching Focusing to groups, I see people for individual sessions, whether to get a taste of Focusing or to explore a particular topic, such as a difficult decision, in a Focusing way. These sessions often lead to a significant shift on an issue in a short space of time, and give you a sense of whether you want to go further with the method.

Learning Focusing one to one

If you don't want to come on a workshop, you can learn a lot about Focusing on a one to one basis. Sometimes it is possible to see a student who needs teaching practice for a reduced fee or no fee at all.

Courses in Focusing-oriented therapy

I teach this approach on courses at Regents University. Topics include:

  • bodily felt experiencing
  • the felt sense
  • experiential listening
  • the 'inner critic'
  • guided Focusing journeys
  • brief Focusing interventions
  • embodied dialogue
  • the felt sense of the therapeutic relationship
  • working with dreams
  • the body and 'the unconscious'


Reflections on Being (Some Sort of) A 'Focusing-Oriented' Therapist - originally published in Self & Society, September 2005.


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