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The Focusing World

The main website about Focusing is that of the umbrella organisation, the Focusing Institute: - from where you can find your way to just about anywhere in the Focusing world

and where you can find the Gendlin Online Library, an impressive collection of Gene Gendlin's work:

Some websites about Focusing in Britain: - the BFA (the British Focusing Association) & details of other people teaching Focusing around the country - Manjudeva's Focusing workshops & sessions in London - Susan Jordan's Focusing workshops & sessions in London - the Post-Graduate Diploma & MA courses in Focusing & Experiential Psychotherapy at the University of East Anglia - Fiona Parr, a Focusing teacher based in the West Country - Rob Foxcroft's unique contribution to the Focusing world, based in Glasgow - John Threadgold's Focusing workshops & sessions in London - Elizabeth English (Locana) offers courses & coaching in Focusing, which she combines with Nonviolent Communication

The website for the International Association of Focusing Oriented Therapists:- - the Focusing approach to counselling & therapy

And some websites about Focusing in other countries:- - about Ann Weiser Cornell's teaching in the USA & on her travels elsewhere - where you can order Nada Lou's excellent videos & DVD's - Focusing in Germany - Focusing in Holland - Focusing in France - Focusing in New England - Peter Campbell & Ed McMahon's 'biospiritual' approach to Focusing - Janet Klein & Mary McGuire's 'interactive' Focusing method - Ann Weiser Cornell's website about the 'Inner Relationship' approach to Focusing

Other links:- - a website about Suryacitta's meditation teaching & spiritual practice - Fran Miller's programme for professionals with alcohol problems in north west England

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