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Workshops for Experienced Focusers

These weekends are intended for focusers who have studied the basics and who want to learn more ways to work with and enjoy Focusing, both for themselves and for helping others.These workshops form part of my Practitioner Programme, but you don't have to sign up for the Programme to do them. Ideally, you will have completed the Focusing Skills workshops, but if you haven't, I might relent and let you do them. They all include personal and group Focusing time, discussion and tasty nuggets of intellectual stimulation:-

Focusing in Helping Relationships

you can print off a PDF flyer for this workshop

A workshop to study a range of ways to mix Focusing into other settings and contexts.

  • embodied dialogue
  • brief focusing moments
  • guided Focusing journeys
  • introducing Focusing to new people
  • benefits, limitations and possible pitfalls
  • ethical practice

Focusing & Dreams

you can print off a PDF flyer for this workshop

A workshop on exploring dreams with Focusing.

  • Gendlin's 'let your body interpret your dreams'
  • Gendlin's 16 questions for unfolding meanings in dreams
  • countering the dreamer's unconscious bias
  • the dream context
  • Jung on dreams

Adventures in Thinking

you can print off a PDF flyer for this workshop

This workshop looks at ways to use Focusing to think and write about subjects you are interested in and have experience of.

  • an introduction to Gendlin's 'thinking at the edge' (TAE)
  • listening and dialoguing skills for companioning a thinking focuser
  • public language and private language
  • logical thinking vs. felt thinking
  • concrete thinking vs. symbolic thinking

Let Your Body Make Your Mind Up

A workshop on how we make decisions that feel 'right' and on what to do when we seem unable to.

  • using Focusing for decision making
  • the psychology of making decisions that feel 'right'
  • mixed feelings and emotional attachments
  • strategies for working through obstacles to the feeling of 'right'


Dates, cost and booking details are on the Workshops page. If you have questions, please phone me on 020 8673 1860 or email me:

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